Green Wall & Balustrade

Small diameter cables/ wires make for efficient and attractive balustrade infill, suitable for use in a variety of situations from shopping centres to bridges, back gardens to blocks of flats. We manufacture a number of different systems with component parts designed specifically to match the application. Full certification is available where applicable, for instance in fall arrest / safety at height wires.

Our assembly facilities in the UK, Sweden and Malaysia are able to quickly service your tensioned wire green wall and balustrade cable requirements wherever you are in the world.

We also have special products for green wall cable trellis systems. Please contact us for details.

Typically the below cable assemblies are used for wire balustrade/ cable rail applications. For domestic and commercial properties 3mm, 4mm or 5mm diameter cables are used. For pedestrian footbridge balustrade cables and fall prevention barriers on road and rail bridges 6mm and 8mm diameters are typically used. For wire balustrade on large bridges over open water etc. then 8mm, 10mm or 12mm can be common.

Typically System C1 would be fixed on the back of uprights with hexagon nuts (spherical nuts are available to allow for runs on bowed bridges). Systems C2, C4 & C8 attach to lug-plates or eyes fixed to the structure.

In all cases where the structure is exposed to water or high humidity, measures should be taken to electrically isolate the stainless steel fittings from dissimilar metals to prevent corrosion. Please contact us for more information.

System C1

Stainless steel swaged structural cable assemblies with swage studs fitted at each end. Typically supplied with right hand threads for bolting through steelwork. Can be supplied with left hand/right hand thread combination for threading directly into steelwork.

System C2

Symmetrical structural cable assembly using stainless steel architectural adjuster forks of opposing threads allowing the length to be adjusted without inducing turn in the stainless steel cable. The tapered adjuster fork gives a smooth visual transition from the cable to the steelwork.

System C4

This structural tension cable assembly has a stainless steel swaged fork terminal at one end and a fork adjuster at the other. The stainless steel adjuster allows tensioning from one end without turning the cable.

System C8

Similar to System C4, the structural cable assembly is terminated using stainless steel swageless terminals allowing for assembly on-site without special equipment.

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