Stainless Steel Cable & Components

Individual component parts are available for purchase giving you maximum flexibility. We do all of our manufacturing in-house so we have the ability to design and make specific parts to project requirements from a wide range of materials; Stainless Steels (including Duplex and Precipitation-Hardening), Aluminium Bronze, Nitronic, Aluminium and Titanium. We can provide parts with a wide range of specialised coatings for specific site conditions including anodizing, PVD, galvanising and Xylan (Teflon). For special components that you cannot see listed please contact one of our sales staff.

NOTE: Throughout our documentation we use the following convention - the pin size is the smallest diameter hole that our pin will fit through, the hole size is the largest diameter pin that will fit in the hole. For example if we list a pin as being 12mm then it will fit into a 12mm diameter hole and conversely if we list a hole as being 16mm then a 16mm diameter pin with fit through it. If in doubt please ask.

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