Swageless Compression Terminals

The swageless compression terminal is a permanent method of fixing the ends of a wire rope that requires no special tools. Cable termination can be carried out on site allowing cables to be passed through steelwork and are useful in situations where final lengths can not be determined in advance. The system is designed such that the terminal can be dismantled at any time allowing for inspection of the internal components or re-terminating the cables.

  • All component are manufactured from European 1.4404 (316L) stainless steel in the UK. Our manufacturing facility is accredited to both ISO9001:2008 and AS9100 rev C quality standards.
  • Terminals are available for both metric and inch size wire ropes and strands in diameters from 3mm (1/8") to 26mm (1") as standard. Other sizes are available on request.
  • Swageless fork terminals - for fitting over connection plates giving one plane of articulation.
  • Swageless toggle terminals - for fitting over connection plates giving two planes of articulation.
  • Swageless stud terminals - for bolting through structures allow adjustment but give no articulation. Available with metric or imperial threads.
  • Swageless eye terminals - for fitting between pairs of connection plates or directly into fork ends giving one plane of articulation.
  • For special components that you cannot see listed please contact one of our sales staff.

NOTE: Throughout our documentation we use the following convention - the pin size is the smallest diameter hole that our pin will fit through, the hole size is the largest diameter pin that will fit in the hole. For example, if we list a pin as being 12mm then it will fit into a 12mm diameter hole and conversely if we list a hole as being 16mm then a 16mm diameter pin with fit through it. If in doubt please ask.

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