Stainless Steel Cable

This page lists some of the more commonly used cables in architectural applications, although we stock and supply a much wider range - click here for more. Cables can be bought as full reels, cut lengths or made into assemblies as required please contact us to ask about our services.

  • All of our stainless steel strands and wire ropes are manufactured in Europe from European materials to the highest quality standards and are fully tested and certified.
  • Manufactured from material grade 1.4401 (AISI 316)
  • Manufactured in accordance with the following standards:
    • BS EN 12385-10
    • BS EN 10264-2
    • BS MA29

1x19 and 1x37 Stainless Steel Spiral Strands

Used in straight line applications. This is the most commonly used structural strand.

Compacted Strand or Dyform™ Cables

Compacted Strand or Dyform™ Cables have a higher metallic cross section than ordinary strands. Consequently they have a higher axial stiffness and characteristic breaking load for a given diameter. These cables are particularly suited for applications where stretch is a major concern. The low stretch can simplify the installation of complex structures.

7-strand wire ropes

7-strand wire ropes are designed to be used where flexibility is required, such as boundary cables, hoist ropes and some balustrades.

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